SNG Daily Pictures 10-29-14

Last two days have been varied and interesting.

A lot more progress was made on the Eagle and keep in mind that there will be a special SNG video on this build when its all finished. I have been filming every step of the way on B camera. ;)

Mary had the great idea to add the Earth in the BKG which is lighted or back lite. The Moon surface was made using burlap on foam core and Ultracal 30 although you could do the same thing with plaster the color of the Ultracal is exact to that of the Moon. I didn’t have to paint it. The craters were made while it was still wet. I splattered it with drops of water getting real craters.

We shot a bunch of scenes yesterday for “Martians Attack SNG” with Rosie. Peanut butter and trial and error got us many of the scenes that Bill and Heidi Hughes wrote with Rosie in the movie. We are bit by bit getting a movie made and it’s so cool!

In addition we cast up another set of ears fro Tammy Klein and Glenn Campbell.

Lastly more Aztecs on the JJ mobile. Aztek Dummies masks are simply the best I have tried.

More to come!


IMG_0494 IMG_0495 IMG_0512 IMG_0514 IMG_0496 IMG_0499 IMG_0506 IMG_0507 IMG_0484 IMG_0490



SNG daily pics 10-27-14

image image image

It was an amazing day off many projects.

First up cast another round of Vulcan ears for Tammy and Glenn.

Next up finish off the certificate of authenticity for the Spock ears that we offer and mounted them in a shadow box for my buddy Ken Palkow.

Then  a bit more on the Eagle. No pictures just added more fiber optic stars.

Our friend David came by and I made him his Invisible man mask for Halloween.

lastly we shot 4 more shots for “Martians Attack SNG” and cut them into the time line in the edit bay. We have almost 5 minutes of the film.

More tomorrow,



Halloween Bats

Mary and I went to our first Halloween party last night and here are some pictures before we went to the party just after getting suited up.

It was a amazing to walk along at night seeing this huge Batman shadow on the streets. Last time I ever did this I was 16 when I made my own Batman costume then. My inner child was a glow!

We have one more outing in the costumes on the 31st and will get more pictures and some green screen shots.

Mary did a great job on her costume. I made up her eye mask pieces but she made everything else and my cape. We make such a great team I love her so.


Ivy-2-1 Ivy-1-1 Bats-4-1 Bats-3-1 Bats-2-1 Bats-1-1


SNG daily pics 10-24-14

It was a very long day working on our costumes for the big Halloween party tomorrow night. I also made Mary a set of prosthetic Poison Ivy eye masks. I also lined my Batman cowl. It fits so well and feels so much better than just the latex against your skin.

Mary worked on her Ivy costume at length making gloves and attaching ivy leaves to her costume.

Lastly I worked more on the Eagle. I worked on the diorama a bit more and stared adding the fiber optics for the stars. Soon I’ll start making the Moon’s surface. I also plan to airbrush the star field.

We will take lots of pictures tomorrow of the two of us in costume.


IMG_0468 IMG_0469 IMG_0470 IMG_0473 IMG_0474


SNG Weekly Episode 15


SNG Daily Pics 10-23-14

I was working on “Martians Attack SNG” most of the day. Re-shot some of the live action and tuned up the credit sequence and beginning live action. It is look very good.

Then a bit more work on the Eagle. I made the foundation for the base and diorama display. The model sits on a brass pivot and can be positioned on display.

The black plastic will be curved and the base a Moon surface. The black plastic will be airbrushed with stars and space. Lots of fiber optics will light the stars. This is going to be so cool. A childhood dream come true.


IMG_0447 IMG_0449 IMG_0451 IMG_0455 IMG_0457 IMG_0465


SNG Daily Pics 10-21-14

30 more minutes on the eagle tonight while Lightwave renders our second shot for “Martians Attack SNG.”
We are really moving along with making the movie.

We shipped all the items and models today that we had. We are all caught up and ready to take on the next contract that comes along. If you want some made or built we are ready.

More tomorrow.


IMG_0439IMG_0446 IMG_0444 IMG_0440

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