garage 151

2 Responses to “garage 151”

  1. 1 Ted
    January 12, 2013 at 7:23 am

    YOU DID IT! Just be careful the time machine doesn’t disappear from your desk like it did in the film. By the way, I’d just call the goober on the green control a Morlock goober.

    As to the Star Trek case, how frakking exciting is that. Cannot wait to get to work on it. I laughed about the tape used for the lines. Reminds me of the Phoenix model.

    As to the color, I’d swear I have a can of Duplicolor in the garage that is a very close match. If no one else knows for certain, Ray’s Automotive Paint in Culver City has a guy that can match anything by looking at it. He’s amazing.

    All the best,


  2. January 13, 2013 at 7:16 am

    I think it was “Captain’s Holiday” where Picard carried the case. It was supposed to be his “luggage” for his trip on Risa. I don’t remember about other times for him, but I know it made frequent appearances when the crew members went somewhere (leave and whatnot.) That’s definitely a great prop and restoring it sounds cool.

    The time machine is looking great and that power supply looks neat. 🙂

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