garage 167

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  1. February 11, 2013 at 6:45 am

    Looking great so far, Steve. 😀

    On the subject of the Enterprise’s nacelles glowing in TWOK: they did glow, just as much as they did in TMP. (they used the same model shots wherever possible to save money) In TMP, TWOK and the rest of the TOS-era movies, the Enterprise’s nacelles only glowed while the ship was at warp. The rest of the time, no glow. If you watch TMP, you’ll notice that they don’t glow inside V’Ger or a lot of other places while the ship is at sub-light speeds. The glow comes on as the ship enters warp. The same can be said for TWOK, because the warp entry shot is the same shot from TMP but with slightly different visual effects. However, in most of the shots of the ship in TWOK, it’s not at warp, so no glow.

    As for the Reliant, I don’t know if its nacelles ever glowed. Presumably, they would have worked the same way, but we never saw the ship at warp. The only time I can remember the Miranda-class nacelles glowing at all was on DS9, where they added constant glows to the nacelles of all of the CGI models, including the Miranda and Excelsior classes. (both of which were incorrect)

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