garage 221

3 Responses to “garage 221”

  1. 1 Dave Brickley
    April 8, 2013 at 3:33 am


    Just recently discovered you and your work. I came across your studio scale TOS E build and became enthralled! I just watched part 47 and then subscribed to your YouTube channel. I can only echo the many other commenters who are in absolute awe of your work. I have no words, other than every model I build for the rest of my life will be judged by the “Neill Standard”. I’m sure none will measure up, but we all need goals, right?

    I bought myself a Great Planes PT 20 a few years ago and had a great time building it and was pretty proud of it until the maiden flight. Someday I will get to testing my balsa repair skills…. 🙂 Work and life and my 19 month-old son are keeping me from it for now.

    In addition to being a lifelong Star Trek fan and model builder, let my humbly offer sincerest condolences on your wife’s passing….I lost my mom to that wretched disease when I was 16 and model building provided me a good refuge for a while.

    We’re moving this summer and I’d like to get into the PL 1/350 TOS E when we get settled in. Will be referring to your tips frequently to make it as good as possible.

    All the best to you and Rosie,

  2. 2 Randal Scott
    April 8, 2013 at 10:21 am

    Steve, your work is inspirational! Interesting that you show us Doug’s Zephram Cochrane statuette seeing as Friday past marked the 50th “Anniversary” (?) of Mankind’s first warp flight and First Contact, at least according to the Star Trek movie of the same name… (Probably not telling you anything new here!) Peace and long life.

  3. April 9, 2013 at 12:43 am

    I still haven’t gotten around to reattaching Zephram’s arm. I have the glue and paint (it looks like the arm was rattling around in there and left little dings on his chest). I have been too busy building a master and molds for a model from Fallout 3.

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