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  1. May 4, 2013 at 4:54 pm

    Steve, I’m sure I speak for many people in saying that we’re happy to see you happy. You went through what no person should have to go through. To see you laughing and having fun again is great. It’s also great that you’ve found Mary and you two clearly hit it off and have a great relationship going. Everybody deserves to be happy, especially someone who has gone through what you’ve gone through.

    By the way, I personally love your steaming pile of dog poo comment, because that’s exactly what the JJ-Prise is, in my opinion. The USS Vengeance (the bad guy ship from the new movie) is an even bigger pile of poop, again in my opinion. (yes, I’m aware that some people love it) Design wise, I’ve seen nothing in the previews for the movie that I like. But, I too shall see it, also likely when it hits Blu-Ray/DVD.

    The Reliant looks fantastic. Though, I had a bad flashback of paining all of that stuff (the wrong color) by hand more than a decade ago. Needless to say, that was not fun.

    “No help for the Klingon.” I don’t remember exactly which episode because I literally have them all and I’ve watched them so many times that little things like that blur together. However, I know they were playing stud poker and Data was dealing. He was commenting on peoples’ cards as he dealt them and he said that after he dealt a card to Worf. And, as per his usual, Worf looked about ready to do something extremely violent to Data after he said that. 😉

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