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Laser Blast Pictures

These are very rare and haven’t for the most never been seen before by the public.

Paul Gentry took lots of 35 mm photos on every shoot we did together.

These pictures are all property of Paul Gentry and before you lift them to use elsewhere contact Paul first for permission.

Be sure to click on the montage for all the pictures in a larger format.



Laser Blast Panel


Laser Blast

It’s hard to believe it’s been 42 years since I first appeared on the silver screen as an alien in the movie “Laser Blast”. Yes that’s right that was me if you didn’t know that. I was unaccredited probably because it saved Charlie Band money or something like that. I did get a single card credit at the beginning of the film for makeup effects and props, a rare thing these days.

Recently my dear friend Mr. Carl Soto alerted me to the fact that “Laser Blast” would be screened at the Egyptian theater on Hollywood Blvd. He thought it would be cool if we attended. Mary decided to contact the event planner and ask them if they wanted me to appear there and talk to the crowd. They jumped at the idea. I suggested to Mary that we have Ve Neill there and my old friend Paul Gentry.

Many of you may not know the story on this so I’ll tell you. Paul Gentry, Ve Neill, Dave Allen and I drove out to Lancaster to the desert to shoot the opening scene to “Laser Blast.” The four of us shot that entire opening sequence on Dave’s old Mitchell 35mm camera. Paul assisted Dave Allen and set up the shots for plates that would later include the stop motion animation and fly over of the space craft. He also took a lot of great photos that day that until this day have never been seen by the public.

Ve applied my makeup and I played the alien wearing a “Logan’s Run” costume rented from Western Costume.

For Ve and me it was our first film we worked on together that had prosthetic makeup that I had designed and did the entire lab work for. Even on that first film it was so clear that she was a extremely gifted talent. Her work, both blending the prosthetics in to my face and coloring was excellent. Ve was well on her way to the impressive career we know today.

We watched the movie that night and had a lot of laughs. Afterwards we spoke to the audience and they asked questions about the film and our careers. They projected the pictures Paul shot on location and during the production.

At the end many fans came up to the stage and asked both Ve and me to sign their Blurays and DVDs of “Laser Blast” and other films we had worked on. It was a flattering moment at best.

We had a wonderful time and it was great to be all together again that night. We missed Dave Allen being there. He passed away some years ago but he was in our thoughts.

We all continue on with our careers with the same passion we had as kids. We will never stop doing this wonderful work!


More on West World Costume

Here’s the gun belt I spoke of and the Bowie knife. Next to get my vest, paint stripes on the coat and get a gray shirt without a collar.


West World Costume

I’m working on my West World costume slowly but surely. I’m doing the Ed Harris man in black character.

I’ve got the right gun belts and wardrobe, even the hat but the gun is a unique civil war era 9 shouter powder loader with a shot gun barrel called a “LeMat”. Found one but had to mod it, get the right trigger guard called a “spur trigger” and blue the gun to the black color the characters is.

Wicked beast of a weapon. Also got the same Bowie knife they used in the series.

Here is the gun before and after. More pictures soon of the other parts to this costume.

Thank you Ken Palkow for the instruction on modding this gun.



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