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T73 Cooper Formula one car on the track

Some shots of the car on my unfinished raceway. Still need to add the numbers but she runs great!

Thanks again to Chris Wright of Beardog racing.


The week so far…

This week so far at SNG has been a lot of the same things. I did however finish the formula slot car. No small feet even though it is quite small.

I have been finishing off small details on the Valiant submarine. It will test in the pool Monday and it is finished.

We are re working Deadpool after I found a number of inaccuracies. So he’s still away from being done. After that I start the gloves and boots all of which need to be sculpted and molded.

Giselle finished the baby mold. Patched it and it’s ready to make a casting form today.

Paulina’s prosthetic came out rather perfectly from the mold. Pictures tomorrow.

I started a new small lightweight electric RC jet build of the TA-183 from WW2. I will go into more detail later o this.

And lastly slowly I started building the midget racer kit.

Progress has started on the Cyclekarts. The Doctor whom I’m building these with came by yesterday in his wonderful Morgan. A street legal Cyclekart of its own. Amazing.

More on the Friday wrap up tomorrow.



Deadpool is back!


Friday Wrap up and another Birthday

Not much to report for Friday. Had trouble with the practical puppet grey and have abandoned it in favor of a CGI model. Casting failed to release properly from the mold. Difference was the mold was 1630 urethane and latex does not release well from it as it does from stone molds. To have repaired the mold and recast would have been more costly and time consuming then it was worth. This often makes a good chase for CGI over practical.Moving on.

To lick my wounds from the disappointment I worked on my scratch built Slot Car. I got lots done on the suspension bits. Even things out a bit. cut away parts of the body. Got the body to fit the frame perfectly and added the screw downs to hold it fast to the frame.

Shes ready to add the windshield too next, the exhaust pipes and mirrors. For the screen over the intakes I have on the way some very fine stainless steel screens used for pipes that I will form to fit.

And last but not least I made it around our Star (that’s the sun to those who don’t know our Sun is a star) 65 times. A real miracle considering my Hollywood days of long ago.

I’m off to play Battle field One, Battle Front (Star Wars Sim) and DCS, a flight sim for WW2 Aircraft. And a bit of slot car action as its all indoors today. Raining cats and dogs outside, cold and windy. So my plans to fly RC aircraft are rather deterred!

Best part of my Birthday is being with Mary who I love so very much. And my two dogs. Wonderful, rain or not.



Thursday At SNG

Great day at the studio. Paulina started prepping her prosthetic mold for the prosthetic for our TV pilot, “But Something is There”. This prosthetic will e cast in silicone.

Giselle finished the baby sculpt again this is for our TV pilot. She also started the mold. This too will be cut in silcone.

I prepped the grey being mold for running foam and latex in. This is a puppet for the same show that will be shot against green screen attached to a puppeteer in a green screen suit.

And last but not least I worked for a bit more on my all scratch built 1962 Cooper T73 formula one car. A 1/32 slot car to be accurate. Soon this will be done.

Oh and I sculpted a rose for Mary as her birthday present. Later at dinner over wine this image was staring back at me.




Submarine work

Just about have this boat finished. The rains and the cold have really slowed this build down. Especially when it comes to painting it.

Did a basic weathering job on her. Not too much I didn’t want to make my client a rust bucket.

Next today I test the cylinder for leaks and next weekend we test her at the Doctors pool in Ojai if he’s available. And soon I’ll start my first new personal sub I have done in awhile. The USS Skipjack.


Monday fun at SNG

Intesting day. The doctor dropped our first batch parts for the Cyclekarts and they are so nice I can’t wait to start the frames next.

I worked on the sub all day and the best I could do is redefine the details lost in the heavy amount of filling and sanding. With a bright light the details popped and I used a colored pencil and outlined them. Now I can weather and airbrush a paint job with highlight and shadow. This is my favorite part. Tomorrow she should be finished.

Worked on my little RC SE 5 biplane a bit more and got the radio gear in. She’s ready for a test flight.

Koby had a great idea for the Giant’s eyes and that is to use LCD screens with and animation that can change his eye color and change the eyelids in expression.


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